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Bleed and Breed Art

Please join Community Relations in welcoming two new team members:

Waluigi-Prower for Emoticons

:memories: by Waluigi-Prower:invisibleglomp: by Waluigi-Prower:blahblahblah: by Waluigi-Prower

justanothersomeone for Abstract and Surreal Photography

Ascension by justanothersomeoneThe Architect, no.4 by justanothersomeoneMr. Self Destruct by justanothersomeone

:w00t!: Welcome to the team!

RAoK Fan Fiction Contest

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 11:16 AM by SingingFlames:iconsingingflames:

UPDATE! Thank you to all of our participants! The winners can be found here:
RAoK Fan Fiction Contest WinnersWriting is a gift and what better way appreciate that joy than to share it with others? This month's contest was to do just that! Congratulations to the winners in the Random Acts of Kindness Fan Fiction Contest!
Third Place
Prize 250 :points:

Second Place
Prize 500 :points:

First Place
Prize 1,000 :points:

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Special Note
I have truly enjoyed these monthly contests and I hope that you have too. This is my final monthly contest, at least for the foreseeable future. I hope at some point I may be able to continue them, but I can make no promises on when or what prizes will be available. Thank you to everyone who has participated and followed them! You guys are the best and make my time on deviantART deviously delightful!

RAoK - Random Acts of Kindness.

Once, when I was just received my driver's license and still hadn't learned to keep track of my various gauges - like, say, the gas gauge - my car sat in a parking lot and refused to start. My poor car was empty, as was my wallet. A generous stranger was kind enough to purchase a tank of gas for me. When I asked how could I repay him, penniless as I was, he merely asked me, one day, to help someone else out. That RAoK experience has stayed with me throughout the years.

A RAoK can take many forms. It can be helping out without being asked or an unexpected gift. For this month's contest, let's show the love to our fellow deviants and dear ones. Write a gift fic for someone close to you. It can be another deviant (there's so many wonderful people here!) or someone offline (spread the love!). Write your fan fiction specifically for your chosen recipient.


  • You entry must be written for this contest and submitted after July 30th and before the cut off date of Aug. 21st, 2014 11:59 PM (Pacific Time).
  • Please list out who your gift fan fiction is for somewhere in your deviation - the artist's comments or in the deviation itself.
  • You may ask your recipient for a request, if you would like, but it is not required. You may write a prompt of your own choosing, if you'd prefer.
  • One entry per deviant.
  • All entries must be fan fiction. All fandoms are welcome.
  • All entries must follow DeviantArt submission guidelines (no porn).
  • Both prose and poetry are acceptable.
  • Maximum word count: 1,000 words. No minimum word count.
  • Original characters/fan characters are acceptable, but the franchise must be recognizable.
  • Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, proper grammar use and how entertaining/engaging they are.
  • Please note Note me a link to your entry with the subject line "RAoK Fanfic Contest" before the deadline.
  • Link this contest journal somewhere in your deviation, either the deviation itself or in the artist's comments.


  • 1st Place - 1,000 Points
  • 2nd Place - 500 Points
  • 3rd Place - 250 Points
  • All entries will be featured in the winners' announcement journal!

If you have any questions, please ask!


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


An archive for well-written and meaningful fan fiction. New Flash Fan Fiction prompt weekly.

Community Groups

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Please join me in congratulating ABXeye for his recent publication of a photography book called 'The sun under the shade.' Not only has ABXeye created this portraiture series to support a good cause but furthermore he is donating a significant amount for each sale of his book to the UTSS Education Scholarship Fund (ESF). You can read more about this cause and the history behind the creation of the portraiture series by visiting his journal here. Ebrahim can also be found on Facebook and the book can be purchased here. Congratulations ABXeye!

The Sun Under Shade 02 by ABXeye


More 'Hot off the Press!' announcements...

:bulletblack:ChewedKandi is in Print!
:bulletblack:Charlene Mattson is in Print!
:bulletblack:A Brave Unbodied Scheme
:bulletblack:Reaper-X is published!
Have you recently been published? Let us know by sending Kaz-D a note!


Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


Your deviantART hub for all things Photographic!

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