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Bleed and Breed Art

April Holidays, Happenings, Events and Trivia ~ 2011
When I was little, I was always taught that “April Showers bring May Flowers”, which is a way to explain why it is that in rains so much in April. That led to a joke little American children would repeat endlessly, “If April Showers bring May Flowers”, then what do Mayflowers bring? Answer: Pilgrims.
April New Article ~ Please read :reading: and :+fav:!!

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PE 2010 stamp by projecteducate
(Overlaps from March to April)

:bulletyellow: Sunday March 27th ~ Kickoff and Contest
:bulletyellow: Digital Art ABC: A – E
:bulletyellow: Interview with Rahll
:bulletyellow: March 28th ~ Digital Art Galleries Part I: Abstract, Animals and Fantasy
:bulletyellow: Digital Art ABC: F – I
:bulletyellow: Interview with OneFreeInternet
:bulletyellow: March 29th ~ Digital Art Galleries Part II: Illustration, Landscapes and Scenery
:bulletyellow: Ten (10) Amazing Walk-throughs/Tutorials
:bulletyellow: Interview with Selenada
:bulletyellow: March 30th ~Digital Art Galleries Part III: Macabre, Horror, People and Political
:bulletyellow: Digital Art ABC: J – N
:bulletyellow: Interview with mendigo-amigo
:bulletyellow: March 31st ~ Digital Art Galleries Part IV:Graffiti, Technical Drawings, Sketches & Doodles and Still Life
:bulletyellow: Digital Painting Program Software
:bulletyellow: Digital Art ABC: O - R
:bulletyellow: April 1st ~ Digital Art ABC: S - V
:bulletyellow: Digital Art Gallery Part 5: Pop Art, Psychedelic and Surreal
:bulletyellow: Inteview with ftourini
:bulletyellow: April 2nd ~ Digital Art ABC: W - Z
Digital Art Galleries Part 6: Animation, Conceptual, Dark, Emotional, Humourous, Minimalism and Miscellaneous
Interview with KristinaGehrmann
:bulletyellow: Recap AND Contest Winners

:bulletyellow: ASPCA marks April as 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' month
:bulletyellow: Mathematics Awareness Month
Child Sexual-Abuse Awareness
:bulletyellow: STD Awareness
:bulletyellow: National Stress Month
:bulletyellow: National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
:bulletyellow: Dental Health Month Canada
:bulletyellow: Parkinsons’ Awareness Canada
:bulletyellow: Autism Awareness ~ Worldwide
:bulletyellow: Internation Caesarian Awareness ~ Worldwide
:bulletyellow: Alcohol Awareness Month ~ encourages communities to focus on alcohol-related issues by raising public awareness and educating people about the devastating effects alcohol can have on individuals and families.
:bulletyellow: April is Humor Month, National Poetry Month, and National Grilled Cheese Month in the United States.

Awareness Weeks
:bulletyellow: ASPCA marks April as 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' month
:bulletyellow: Arthritis Awareness Week: March 29th – April 2nd ~ Australia
:bulletyellow: National Public Health Week: April 7th – April 13th  ~ United States
:bulletyellow: Arthritis Care Awareness Week: April 14th – April 18th ~ United Kingdom
:bulletyellow: National Infant Immunization Week: April 19th - April 26th ~ United States
:bulletyellow: Parkinson's Awareness Week: April 20th – April 26th ~ United Kingdom
Adminstrative Professionals Week ~ starting April 27th (it used to be called "Secretary's Day", but ya know, that wasn't politically correct :roll:)

Awareness Days
:bulletyellow: Kick Butts Day: April 2nd ~ United States (Day to quit smoking)
:bulletyellow: National Alcohol Screening Day: April 3rd ~ United States (Screening for Mental Health)
:bulletyellow: World Health Day: April 7th ~ Worldwide
:bulletyellow: World Parkinson's Day: April 11th ~ Worldwide
:bulletyellow: World Hemophilia Day: April 17th ~ Worldwide
:bulletyellow: Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day is on the fourth Thursday in April each year where parents take their kids to work for the day, as an educational experience.

:bulletyellow: April 1st: April Fools Day ~ A hectic day for practical jokes and hoaxes! Remember those who are brave enough to log onto dA during this day!
History: Before the 1560s, April 1st was New Year's Day throughout Europe. The calendar changed to what is used now, but those who still celebrated New Year's Day on April 1st were dubbed "April Fools." The "fools" were teased and a target for practical jokes, hence the pranks that are played on April 1st in modern times!
:bulletyellow: Epcot, Walt Disney World ~ International Flower and Garden Festival ~ runs until May 15th!
:bulletyellow: The Official Opening Day of BASEBALL!! :woohoo:
:bulletyellow: April 15th ~ :flagus: The IRS Cometh then Taketh Away :dollarus:!!
:bulletyellow: April 17th: Palm Sunday
:bulletyellow: April 18th: Patriot's Day, which is always the third Monday in April commemorates fighting the Revolutionary War in the US.
:bulletyellow: April 19th: Passover ~ April 19th - 26th
:bulletyellow: April 21st: Greek Orthodox Easter
:bulletyellow: April 22nd: Good Friday
:bulletyellow: Earth Day ~ started in 1970 has been celebrated yearly since. Be sure to check out Earth Day, Trash to Treasure Contest!
:bulletyellow: April 23rd: Russian Orthodox Celebration of Easter Begins
:bulletyellow: April 24th: Easter
:bulletyellow: April 25th: Easter Monday ~ In Pagan times, many groups of people organized spring festivals. They celebrated the re-birth of nature, returning the land to fertility and the birth of many young animals. These are the origins of the Easter eggs that we still hunt for and eat. Egg-rolling games are often held on this day.

April Trivia
:bulletyellow: Easter Trivia Site
:bulletyellow: Why Easter Eggs? ~ Of all the symbols associated with Easter the egg, the symbol of fertility and new life, is the most identifiable. Originally Easter eggs were painted with bright colors to represent the sunlight of spring and were used in Easter-egg rolling contests or given as gifts. After they were colored and etched with various designs the eggs were exchanged by lovers and romantic admirers, much the same as valentines. In medieval time eggs were traditionally given at Easter to the servants. In Germany eggs were given to children along with other Easter gifts.
:bulletyellow: The Easter Lily if the official Flower of Easter
:bulletyellow: April Zodiac Signs: Aries (February 18th to April 19th) and Taurus (April 19th to May 20th).
:bulletyellow: April Birthstone: Diamond
:bulletyellow: Mexico's April Fools' Day falls on December 28. The day was originally a somber occasion in observance of the innocent children slain by King Herod, and then evolved into a day of trickery similar to the US.

:bulletyellow:And I received this informative Comment:
Some other interesting April factoids:
    The 1st week of April is Laugh at Work Week!
        The 6th is National Day of Hope!
    The 2nd week of April is National Week of the Ocean!
        The 12th is Walk on Your Wild Side!
        And the 14th is International Moment of Laughter!
    The 3rd week of April is Clean for a Reason Week!
        The 21st is High Five Day!
        And the 23rd is World Book and Copyright Day!
    And the final week of April is National Crime Victims Rights Week!
        The last day of the month is National Honesty Day AND World Healing Day!

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